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Park City Wealth Advisor's December Economic Update

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Morgan Lemaitre, CFP, Owner & Founder of Park City Wealth Advisors, presents her Quarterly Pulse Market and Economic Update for the end of 2022. On the call, she shared what's being seen in the market place, insights on 2023, and best practices as it relates to investments and cash management.

Didn't catch the live call? You can watch the economic update here!

On the call, Morgan covered important economic updates for investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is interested and wants to learn about up to date information about the current state of the market.

December 2022 Economic Update Highlights:

  • Monetary Tightening and the Fed increasing interest rates. Necessary, but painful!

  • Manufacturing orders hit a 40-year low.

  • Households are, in general, spending a lot less.

  • New and existing home sales are plunging, and mortgage applications are down 40% from last year.

  • Gas prices are finally beginning to drop down to where they were before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Road trip anyone?

  • Food inflation is starting to slow and return back to normal.

  • Consumer price index shows numbers are shrinking.

Are we hitting a bottom? Well, if we aren’t in it, we are close. This means that NOW is the time to invest. Historically, when the market dropped, the following year has seen a strong rally and recovery. The question is, how and where should you invest your money, wisely?

The team at Park City Wealth Advisors is here to help you strategize your wealth management, investments, and make sure your money is working hard for you. If you watched this video and want to learn more about any of the topics covered, set up a complimentary meeting with the founder today!

Call/Text 518.637.5982 for a customized financial plan fit exactly for your needs, so that you can go back to doing what matters most!

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