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Family Governance & Wealth Transfer

Park City Wealth Advisors is a family office that specializes in family governance and wealth transfer. Our client base of CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, and the like have put hard work into building their businesses and legacy.

We understand that planning for wealth transfer can be stressful. When it comes time to pass down the legacy you have built to your family or other heirs, we find that financial education and clearly articulated expectations can often be even more impactful than the thoughtfully planned process and tax efficiencies we develop. That’s why we focus on doing both of those things. 

Passing Down the Legacy You Have Built

As part of our family governance and wealth transfer process, we sit with your whole family to assess everyone's needs, goals, and risk tolerances. A collective conversation with total transparency between current controllers and future stakeholders creates a cohesive plan for your family legacy. Once a shared vision is determined, our team of experts executes a plan that will ensure the long-term stability of your legacy. 


Our advisors use experienced and proven strategies to reinvent the vision of financial legacy. We opt for resources not commonly available to individual investors. Our thoughtful process will diversify your family's portfolio, minimizing risk factors, and educating the next generation to be thoughtful stewards along the way. 


The exclusive services for Family Governance & Wealth Transfer include, but are not limited to, the following: 


  • Private Wealth Management 

  • Liquidity and Exit Planning 

  • Tax Strategy 

  • Family Governance & Wealth Transfer 

  • Public and Private Investment 

  • Philanthropic Strategy 

  • Insurance Consultation 

  • Entrepreneurial Guidance & Entity Structuring


Applying our proven process to your goals, needs, and risk tolerances will create a simplified and tax-efficient family governance model and wealth transfer. Opting for one office to oversee your family’s resources ensures a seamless strategy across all stakeholders. Your family's most important asset is your time. Let Park City Wealth Advisors curate a seamless plan for your financial legacy so you can focus on what you value most. 


Start building a seamless wealth transfer plan for your future today!

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