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About Us

Park City Wealth Advisors is a dedicated team of financial professionals committed to your financial success. Our mission is to provide comprehensive wealth management solutions that incorporate tax strategy and legal guidance. We are the family office you’ve been looking for.

Based in Park City, Utah, Park City Wealth Advisors serves a diverse and global client base. We facilitate generational conversations that align  your wealth and entrepreneurial spirit with a shared vision for yourself, your family, and the world.

  • We pride ourselves on fostering open communication and collaborative decision-making to tailor a well-rounded, personalized approach that aligns with your aspirations.

  • With years of seasoned expertise, we confidently offer a highly specialized strategy to lay the groundwork for your financial legacy.

  • In an era where vast knowledge is at our fingertips, it may seem as though having it all figured out is within easy reach. However, crafting a multifaceted wealth management plan and investment portfolio requires more than mere trial and error.

  • Through meaningful dialogues between you and our exclusive team of financial experts, we strive to cultivate the success you have achieved, not only for your own life but for the benefit of generations to come. With strong ties to industry leaders, our experts possess the essential tools to help you effectively manage both existing and anticipated wealth.

  • Recognizing that change is the only constant in life, whether you are beginning your career, growing your family, purchasing your retirement home, selling your business, creating a legacy, or thinking of retirement Park City Wealth Advisors stands as an active partner throughout your journey, poised to make confident, and informed decisions alongside of you as you enter the next chapter of your financial future.


We approach each of our clients with a holistic and unique plan to specifically fit your needs. Our services go beyond wealth management, but reach every corner of your asset management to optimize capital preservation and appreciation.  We seek solutions that fit each client's needs with open, honest collaborative dialogue that leads to sound strategic direction; with tactics that optimize execution.


This process allows families to be positioned to harmoniously move forward to  achieve agreed upon goals.


Our Story

Park City Wealth Advisors is owned and founded by Morgan Lemaitre, CFP ®. The company is the product of Morgan’s desire to make a profound difference in the lives of her clients. Morgan has decades of industry experience working with high-profile clients in myriad industries. She is a proud female founder in a male-dominated industry and is paving the way for future entrepreneurs. She leads a team of consultants and problem solvers that have been hand-picked based on proven track records and ready accessibility.


The Park City Wealth Advisors Team works together to oversee all aspects of your financial wellness. Our specialized professionals support every client’s unique needs, including but not limited to tax specialists, estate planning, life insurance specialists.  We engage clients when and where they need us i.e. either in anticipation of a liquidity event (picking investment bankers, facilitating a sale process) or maximize capital preservation with prudent tax planning. We partner with first class faculty with exquisite functional capabilities to ensure client needs are met. 

Meet The Team

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Morgan Lemaitre, CFP

Owner & Founder

unnamed (15).jpg

Tyson Walker

Director of Portfolio Strategy

unnamed (5)_edited.jpg

Richard Hazen,  CPA

Director, Tax Strategy

unnamed (11).jpg

Kasey Ring

Financial Coaching & Education

unnamed (12).jpg

Bo Hall

Jr. Financial Advisor

unnamed (16).jpg

Joshua Flade, CFA

Investment Research & Strategy


Juan Hernandez, CFP,CSLP

Financial Planner


Daniel Lemaitre, CFA

Exit Planning Specialist


Amanda Hall

Registered Client Service Associate

unnamed (14).jpg

Eric Evans,  CPA

Director, Tax Strategy

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Nick Burgess

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