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Careers at
Park City Wealth Advisors

Are you ready to join an elite team of professionals? Park City Wealth Advisors is a growing firm serving founders, entrepreneurs, executives, and preserving legacy wealth.

Working with many high net worth individuals gives us the unique experience of becoming a part of each of their family's lives, and an integral part of protecting and preserving their financial future for generations to come. 

Opportunities at PCWA

A chance to change your life and those of the people you will work with. 

We welcome you to browse through our open positions below! If there are no jobs listed at this time, please feel free to send your resume and bio for our team to keep on file so that we can let you know if a position opens up that may be a good fit. 

If there is a specific position listed below that you are interested in, we ask that you please use the submission button next to the job listing, in order for us to contact you with ease about the appropriate opportunity!


We look forward to meeting you.

Current Job Opportunities

Junior Financial Advisor

Status: Exempt, Two weeks paid vacation after first full year. Discretionary Year End Bonus. Payout split opportunities after successful completion of 6 months of employment. 


Reports to: Owner & Founder,

Morgan Lemaitre

A Junior Financial Advisor is an integral part of the organization. With financial planning responsibility for the firm's clients, a Junior Financial Advisor learns to be an advisor-- first, by assisting in building the business while allowing the Senior Advisor to focus on advising the clients. A successful Junior Financial Advisor may then move up to advising clients, dependent on licensing, experience, and expertise. 



A Junior Financial Advisor supports the firm’s Financial Advisory Team (Certified Financial Planners®) by providing assistance with a variety of tasks so the advisors are more efficient and focused on business development and professional responsibilities. Specific areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to: 



• Oversee and support staff in pre-client-meeting preparation and post-client-meeting processing work as well as do the work personally 

• Attend client meetings; take, assemble and transcribe notes relative to action items, tasks and decisions made during appointments.

• Assist with signature collection from clients, copying of documents or other tasks required during client meetings 

• Monitor and follow up with all action items from client meetings 

• Monitor and follow up with all work related notes with members of staff, reps or clients 

• Schedule client appointments according to work or Advisory Report mailings 

• Calendar, confirm and start appointment preparation for each client appointment set 

• Manage and oversee Estate Settlement issues as necessary 

• Be able to maintain a flexible weekly work schedule, which will include working evenings as needed and may include an occasional weekend day. 

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