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Q2 2024 Financial Update from Park City Wealth Advisors

Hello friends and family of Park City Wealth Advisors,

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed, we’ve created a video update that dives into critical topics shaping today's financial & economic landscape. 

Here are the highlights of our financial update:

  1. The Feared “Bubble” - Our Perspective:

  • We address the concerns surrounding a potential market bubble and why we remain steadfast.

  1. Interest Rates and the Fed:

  • Despite inflationary pressures, we discuss why the Fed may not cut rates this year as previously anticipated.

  1. IPOs: A Different Landscape:

  • Unlike the dot-com era, IPOs are currently at all-time lows.

  1. S&P Returns During Election Years:

  • While environments change, historical data matters.

  • Remarkably, 13 out of 13 prior election years ended with positive returns in the market.

Park City Wealth Advisors: Your Partner in Wealth Management, Tax Strategy, and Legal Guidance.

As always, the team at Park City Wealth Advisors is here to help you navigate the financial terrain so that you can focus on things that mean the most to you.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation introductory meeting!

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