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Park City Wealth Advisors Partners with 1031 Asset Management Platform RCX

Park City Wealth Advisors

Aug 21, 2023, Park City, Utah - Park City Wealth Advisors (PCWA), a family office based out of Park City, Utah, is pleased to announce their partnership with RCX Capital Group. The partnership is the newest offering to be added to PCWA's robust family wealth office services, and will provide users with a tax-advantaged turnkey asset management platform.

The platform offers Section 1031 exchange and opportunity zone qualifying investments to PCWA’s network of founders, executives, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals preserving legacy wealth.

In this partnership with RCX, PCWA can now deliver a variety of 1031 property options, allowing partners and clients of the firm to design and model their own, customized portfolios of replacement properties. With this comprehensive technology, users will also be able to facilitate transactions and monitor their investments through the duration of their life cycle. Continuing education, support, and guidance will be provided for those involved.

Morgan Lemaitre, CFP ®, Owner & Founder of Park City Wealth Advisors, states, “I am thrilled to be bringing RCX into our catalog of resources for the individuals and families that work with us. Our goal is always to provide the most comprehensive strategies in all asset classes for all of our clients, and 1031 exchanges will elevate their game plan even further. Investment Management is at the core of a lot of what we do, however, Real Estate is a very important component to portfolios that should have more visibility when designing diversified portfolios. To have such user-friendly technology at our fingertips is a huge advantage to the folks we serve.”

Park City Wealth Advisors serves a diverse and global client base, aligning wealth and entrepreneurial spirit through generational conversations, leading to a shared, unique, and individualized vision for every client. PCWA’s approach is holistic and unique, with services that go beyond wealth management to reach every corner of asset management to optimize individual’s capital preservation and appreciation. The goal is always for families to be optimally positioned to move forward harmoniously to achieve their life’s goals.

About Park City Wealth Advisors

Park City Wealth Advisors was founded by Morgan Lemaitre to provide a highly-specialized approach in building the foundation of your family legacy. Designed to reflect your values and the legacy you wish to preserve or create, Park City Wealth Advisors focuses on entrepreneurship, wealth management, estate planning, tax strategies, philanthropy and more; all combined to build financial certainty for the future.

We optimize communication and collaborative decision making between you and our exclusive team of financial experts. We cultivate the success you have secured to benefit not only your life, but that of generations to come. Learn more at

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