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Park City Wealth Advisor’s Morgan Lemaitre Interviewed by Canvas Rebel

Morgan Lemaitre, Park City Wealth Advisors

Park City Wealth Advisors' Morgan Lemaitre sat for an interview with Canvas Rebel.

Canvas Rebel is a platform founded on the belief that small creatives and businesses "deserve more coverage, more platforms, and more opportunities to share their stories and insights."

In an attempt to earn more coverage for these small creatives and businesses, Canvas Rebel thrives on the concept of recommendations from the community.

In this interview, Morgan discusses her growth in the financial industry by taking us back through her early career in finance and giving insight into founding Park City Wealth Advisors.

Running Towards the Uncomfortable

While it's common for most to stray away from unfamiliar territory, Morgan Lemaitre discusses how she prefers "running towards things that [make her] uncomfortable" to master those things.

She shares that her passion for learning and eagerness to excel in finance gained fuel from the challenges she faced when first starting. Morgan determined that she "wouldn't rest until [she] knew everything possible there was to know in the financial world."

"Successful Stories Start Before Success Manifests"

Morgan also touches on the fundamentals on which she founded Park City Wealth Advisors:

"The family office practice I founded focuses on serving Founders, Entrepreneurs, and legacy wealth in the months leading up to liquidity events, mergers, and IPOs, and the years and generations that follow."

She shares that Park City Wealth Advisors prides itself on its ability to "leverage, grow, and protect" its clients' wealth.

How to Build a Reputation

Morgan offers a takeaway of three pieces of advice when it comes to building a reputation:

  1. Doing the right thing - Every single time!

  2. Being Consistent

  3. Being a Solution Seeker

Continue to Canvas Rebel's full interview to read about a lesson Morgan Lemaitre had to unlearn to further her success:

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