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Meet Morgan Lemaitre, Your Park City Neighbor

Morgan Lemaitre

Morgan Lemaitre, founder of Park City Wealth Advisors, is honored to be featured on this July cover with her family.

Neighbors of Park City is a magazine that connects the community of this prestigious mountain town to events, organizations, and businesses known to contribute to the strength and diversity of Park City. The monthly issues facilitate a positive platform encouraging engagement from the community.

The written piece, by Casey Lane, founder of Memoirs of Mom, is accompanied by photos taken by Dana Klein.

Morgan Lemaitre's Background

The piece first delves into Morgan's background with a description many might not know: "a two-time United States Gold Medalist in Figure Skating, professionally trained French chef, and Certified Financial Planner" who is "now living her third life, with double axles into entrepreneurship and motherhood, for the first, and second times."

Let's take it back to 2011 when Morgan returned to school to follow her dreams of finance. Morgan began her journey into the financial world at UBS. From there, she was quickly scooped up by Goldman Sachs.

Both of these institutions played a significant role in shaping how Morgan would navigate the financial world. She described her time at these financial institutions as comparable to her time as a professional athlete, telling Casey Lane, "I appreciated the standards they held us to, making sure nobody got complacent."

PCWA: By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs

Fast forwarding to today, Morgan founded Park City Wealth Advisors, a full-service financial firm dedicated to providing generational conversations with clients' entrepreneurial spirits.

Operating as a Family Office for entrepreneurs, executives, founders, and others looking to preserve legacy wealth. Park City Wealth Advisors' dedicated team of experts takes a look at their client's entire financial picture in accordance with their risk tolerance to devise the best strategy for their personalized needs and goals.

Ultimately, Morgan founded PCWA with the belief that every family deserves the opportunity to create a legacy: "The more successful you become, it doesn't change the issues that all families are dealing with, you know," she tells Casey Lane.

Morgan shares some phrases that will sound familiar to all families: 'I want my kids to grow up and be happy, I want them to be healthy, I want them to be able to stand on their own two feet. I want them to be able to know how to invest in themselves and how to live a meaningful life. I want them to know the struggles of my story and what it took me to get here.'

"She's Not the Assistant"

"She's Not the Assistant" is the title of the "Neighbors of Park City" piece written about Morgan. Casey Lane explains:

"She's self-made, and she recognizes hard work, oh, and just to be clear, despite the assumption of cold-calling wholesalers who stumble at the sound of a woman's voice when she answers her phone, she's not the assistant. She's not even an employee. She is the Owner and Founder of Park City Wealth Advisors and an amazing Mom."

Park City Wealth Advisors

At Park City Wealth Advisors, we work to grow your vision, whatever that might be. Our expert advisors provide exclusive services designed to reflect your values and the legacy you wish to preserve or create.

Through wealth management, estate planning, tax strategies, philanthropy, and so much more, we offer our clients a future of financial certainty.

Our team of financial experts begin collaborative conversations that cultivate success and security for your financial future. The goal is for financial success not only in your life but that of the generations to follow.

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