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PCWA Founder Morgan Lemaitre, Interviewed for Memoirs of a Mom

Morgan Lemaitre Park City Wealth Advisors

Park City Wealth Advisors Founder Morgan Lemaitre sat down for a conversation with Casey Lane of Memoirs of a Mom. Their discussion covered Morgan’s previous careers as a figure skater and a chef and, of course, her success in founding Park City Wealth Advisors.

Memoirs of a Mom highlights a remarkable woman each month, or in Casey’s words, a “Bomb Mom.” These women excel in both motherhood and womanhood. However, Bomb Moms are not to be confused as infallible humans but instead women with failures, insecurities, and mom guilt, who continue to persevere anyway.

Morgan, a bonus mother to twins and a new mother to a three month old, is honored to be recognized as this month’s Bomb Mom.

During her interview, Morgan emphasized her drive to differentiate Park City Wealth Advisors from other firms. This blog will dive deeper into Morgan’s unique beliefs that set Park City Wealth Advisors apart from other firms.

Financial Guidance Should Be Transparent

Park City Wealth Advisors and our network of top tier financial professionals work to cultivate your success into a legacy that will last not only for a lifetime but for generations to come.

Morgan’s unwavering belief that financial guidance should be completely transparent makes the clients of Park City Wealth Advisors feel confident in leaving their financial legacy in our advisor’s hands.

Our advisors leave no questions unanswered and simplify any unknown, no matter your financial background.

Morgan tells Casey, “... there’s a huge lack of transparency into the financial world and how it works, so one of the things I love doing is talking to different groups of women, entrepreneurs, and business owners about how to simplify things.”

When it came time to start her own firm, Morgan made it her mission to make financial guidance more “digestible and understandable to the consumer.”

Financial Guidance Should Be Accessible to Every Family

PCWA operates on the idea that financial advice should not be reserved for the ultra-wealthy. To our team, there are no socioeconomic barriers that should hinder a family’s access to a financial legacy.

In her conversation with Casey, Morgan explains her belief that ultimately, all families face similar challenges, no matter how successful. All families deserve a financial legacy to preserve and pass down to future generations.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a million dollars or $10,000; we all deserve a legacy,” Morgan explains.

Our advisors have a strong understanding of the value of hard work and strive to provide guidance that helps hardworking individuals create, protect, preserve, and pass down their financial legacy.

Park City Wealth Advisors serve a global client base of hardworking individuals, including ​​Founders, Entrepreneurs, Executives, and others looking to Preserve Legacy Wealth.

We work closely with you and your financial experts to better understand your goals, needs, and risk tolerance. Then, with consideration of market volatility, we create a personalized plan to increase your net worth.

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