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Economic Update - 2023 Recap & 2024 Outlook

Economic Update

For those of you who weren’t able to join us at our live economic update, in this post you'll find a link to the presentation as well as our summary below. As always, our team is available to discuss questions, comments, or your personal portfolios.


The year 2023 marked a significant rebound from the challenges faced by the investment world in 2022, as both equities and fixed income instruments recovered. Despite concerns over persistently high interest rates and the threat of a recession, economic resilience was evident. Employment remained robust with unemployment rates consistently low, consumer expenditures were unwavering, and inflationary pressures began to show signs of subsiding.


The employment sector showed impressive stability, maintaining a lower-than-average unemployment rate when compared to historical figures over the past half-century, and a marked improvement from the highs experienced during the pandemic.


As the year progressed, the final quarter saw a solid performance from key market indices, reflecting growing investor confidence bolstered by positive economic signals. The S&P 500, for instance, made significant strides, achieving a performance not seen since the early 2000s. The Dow Jones Industrial Average touched new heights, concluding the year with noteworthy gains. The technology-centric Nasdaq also recovered from its previous slump, posting considerable gains.

Economic Update: Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, inflationary trends are on the decline, and market sentiments are leaning towards a more accommodating Federal Reserve policy in the coming year, which is fueling optimism for a gentle economic downturn rather than a harsh one. However, there are cautionary signs, such as creeping delinquency rates in real estate, which historically have peaked after market recoveries, with certain historical exceptions.


While the specter of a recession in 2024 has not been entirely dispelled, past patterns suggest that market lows could precede the full impact of economic downturns. Additionally, the Federal Reserve's capacity to adjust interest rates presents a tool that could mitigate the severity of any potential market declines.


However, as we move into the new year, the pace of economic expansion is expected to moderate, which may render the markets more vulnerable to abrupt disturbances, whether from domestic political events, unexpected shifts in policy rates, or escalating global tensions. In such an environment, a well-rounded investment approach that includes a mix of equities, bonds, and alternative assets may offer a strategic path to weather any short-term market volatility.

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2024 Outlook
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For those seeking further insights or discussions regarding this outlook, we remain available, as always, for personalized guidance.

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