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Morgan Lemaitre, CFP®

Owner & Founder



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Meet Morgan Lemaitre

Morgan Lemaitre, CFP®, is the founder and owner of Park City Wealth Advisors. She now has more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry under her belt, but her experience goes far beyond finance. In fact, her life philosophy is, “Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.” Well, Morgan’s dreams have led her to the top of mountains and different corners of the world.


At just 12 years old, she represented Team USA at the ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships and went on to become a double gold medalist. After reaching the peak of the sport she still loves at such a young age, she knew her path would look different. She still, however, maintained her competitive spirit, driving her to pursue a degree in classical French cooking.


Morgan’s natural talent in the kitchen, as well as her persistence and determination, quickly made her a household name around the world. Her education even took her to Bangkok, where she cooked for the King of Thailand at his 80th birthday celebration dinner. She was also recruited for a high-end restaurant in Lima looking to capitalize on the Asian-Peruvian-fusion movement.


“To me, life is about experiences,” Morgan says. “While I don’t necessarily think they have to define you, they structure your story, and they tend to be indicative of your decisions and your path. I have been lucky enough to experience many different parts of the world, and I’ve done my best to say ‘yes’ to each open door presented to me. That outlook on life has afforded me the ability to travel, meet incredible people, compete at the highest level of the sport I’m passionate about and more.


I bring that same perspective to Park City Wealth Advisors, and I want my clients to look at each open door as an opportunity to take the next step and see what the other side has to offer.”


Morgan was first introduced to financial services while she was playing professional golf. She was often paired with financial advisors who discussed their business and how they helped families achieve their goals. With a passion for people and helping those with an entrepreneurial spirit, she entered the field, eventually opening her own wealth management firm in Park City, Utah.


Just as she had excelled at ice skating and cooking early in her life, she took to finance extremely quickly. When she was just 27, she became a FINRA arbitrator, helping regulators resolve disputes. This is seen as a high honor for the organization, as they represent and protect investors who have filed disputes.


This accolade is just part of a long list of accomplishments for Morgan. By time she became an arbitrator, she had already passed her Series 7, 66, 9 and 10 exams, and she had achieved her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. Of course, she attributes her success to her work ethic, as she spent many nights poring over economic textbooks, Barron’s FINRA exam guides and every single piece of writing about investing strategies she could get her eyes on.


Her role in the educational process has now flipped. She aims to empower, educate and support her clients through simple explanations of complex topics. “We work with founders in all stages of their careers to protect their families and create a legacy and a landing zone. At Park City Wealth Advisors, that always starts with a plan to instill confidence in the client. That’s the confidence in their financial knowhow, as well as the firm belief that their dreams are within reach,” Morgan says. “We also know that they haven't had time to focus on themselves,
sometimes in years, so we're here to give them the time to take a deep breath and a sigh of relief.”


For Morgan, it’s all about the big picture. So often, her clients walk into her office with tunnel vision, only seeing the goal as opposed to all the moving pieces that can help them achieve that goal. She founded Park City Wealth Advisors as a holistic planning and servicing firm that accounts for aspects like risk, cash flow, buy-sell agreements, insurance policies and more. As a business owner herself, she also takes pride in offering comprehensive business advisement services,  including the timing of sales and acquisitions, employee retention plans, legal structure, and tax strategies.


“Usually business owners, entrepreneurs and executives are too focused on their great ideas and what they’re building to see the finer details, which is why we come in to supplement that gap,” Morgan says. “Our mission is to give our clients more time, whether they decide to use it to innovate at their companies or build their relationships with their loved ones. At the end of the day, the reason they started their business is probably to protect their own financial solvency and to give their families the life they deserve. It’s our goal to help them bring that life to fruition and let them reap the rewards of their hard work.”


Growing up in Naperville, Illinois, and Keene Valley, New York, Morgan now considers Park City her home. She does, however, say anywhere would feel like home with her family. She’s currently married to Daniel, the love of her life and the most kind, brilliant, loving man she has ever met. The two share both personal and professional philosophies, as Daniel is always looking for ways to improve and grow. He is a serial entrepreneur who is currently the CEO of a medical device company that helps those with overactive bladders lead better lives.


The two also have three children – one set of boy-girl twins and a brand-new beautiful baby girl named Poppy.


Morgan and Daniel also aim to lead by example for their children. They are both active in the community, volunteering with children and helping those in need. Morgan recently served on the board of the Egyptian Theatre, and prior to that was a coach for the Figure Skating Club of Park City. She also fulfilled her love for music as a volunteer for both Utah Symphony and KPCW.


Now, she seeks to spread her entrepreneurial spirit by working with the Utah chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a nonprofit focused on providing the means, resources and networking opportunities young entrepreneurs need to succeed. Though she turned down that early opportunity to become a chef in Peru, she still enjoys cooking for herself and her family. She also still loves playing sports and competing. When she finds free time, Morgan enjoys staying active and working to stay in the best shape she can. Her passion for ice skating sticks with her to this day, but she also enjoys skiing and believes Park City is the best skiing destination in the entire world.


She says she feels the most alive when she’s trail running or hiking through the mountains, especially in the Adirondacks in upstate New York where she grew up. She and Daniel also love to travel, play tennis, host gatherings and dream about their next meal, as well as which wine they’ll pair it with.


“I love to spend quality time, both with old friends and new friends,” Morgan says. “That’s what’s so special about this job. I constantly meet new people, and I have the opportunity to bring together creative, innovative minds who all want to help each other grow and achieve their own visions of success. Sure, money has the power to help you achieve that vision, but my goal is to help each person I meet live a purposeful and meaningful life.”

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