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Liquidity & Exit Planning

At Park City Wealth Advisors, we strategize in liquidity and exit planning for our CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, and the like. Our team understands that this kind of planning can be daunting, or you may simply not have had a moment to think about yourself and your family while building a business. Either way,  we are here to support you. 


As a founder, you’ve worked hard to build a successful business, sacrificed time with your family, time for yourself, and personal finances to get your business to where it needs to be. It’s even likely that you’ve missed a payroll along the way, neglected your personal retirement accounts, and made some promises to a spouse that you’d like to make good on. Now your hard work has paid off and you’re entertaining offers, thinking about a merger, selling off some equity, or maybe setting yourself up for an IPO. 


This is where our family office comes in. We help you focus on maximizing what you’ve worked for so you can focus on the final stages of translating the value of your business into personal wealth. Creating a plan in advance ensures everything is done on your terms and to your benefit when the time comes to make an exit AND that you’re being tax efficient and know what your future landing zone looks like. We will discuss ways to shelter or gift assets before letters of intent are circulated, different options for deferring capital gains, understanding tax implications, and how and what to do with the proceeds to ensure their preservation while also enjoying the fruits of your success.

Liquidity & Exit Planning Tailored to You.

This kind of transition affects everyone: you, your fellow investors, spouses, children, etc. It is important to start a thoughtful process to lay the groundwork of your liquidity event before it happens. 


Our team of professionals assess all possible strategies and lays them out in front of you to help provide you with a personal outcome that is representative of your goals, future aspirations, and all that you’ve worked hard for.. Determining your key objectives is paramount to coming up with a comprehensive exit plan. 


Our Liquidity & Exit Planning services include the following:


  • Tax Strategy, Deferral, Planning

  • Stock Option Expertise 

  • Investment Planning 

  • Entity Structure Discussions 

  • Public & Private Investment Exploration 

  • Section 1202


When determining the best exit strategy for you, Park City Wealth Advisors assesses the business as is and its growth opportunity. We highlight the strengths of our client's business and build upon those strengths to ensure our client's vision of personal financial legacy is met.


Park City Wealth Advisors understands the lifestyle of our client base. Our team commits to our client’s long term financial wellness while you use your time to strategically close your current chapter and thoughtfully plan the next.


To get started on planning the next step in your journey, speak with a fellow founder today!

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