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Jr. Financial Advisor



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Meet Bo Hall

As a junior financial advisor for Park City Wealth Advisors, Bo Hall works with clients directly to find solutions that offer a roadmap toward their goals. With a Series 65 securities registration, he is well versed in many of the options available on the market and takes pride in leveraging those options to give clients confidence in their plan for the future.


He started as an operations associate but quickly worked his way up to become a compliance specialist. That gave him the perfect opportunity to learn more about the industry, and he hopes to continue working face-to-face with clients to explore options that can potentially help them reach their goals. He also aims to provide an elevated level of service, offering a trustworthy resource whom his clients can consult at any time about any subject. That’s why Bo is so excited to be a part of Park City Wealth Advisors, where he believes we bring a different edge and a more hands-on experience.


Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Bo has lived most of his life in Ohio. He grew up in Cleveland before attending the University of Cincinnati, where he studied finance. He now resides in the suburbs of Columbus and loves that he gets to call Ohio his home. He believes there’s a distinct charm about Ohio that made him fall in love with it in the first place. In fact, that community feel of the Midwest guides his service to clients, and he’s proud to look out for the good of the whole.


Bo enjoys spending his free time with his friends, family and dog. He also loves to travel to new destinations and learn new skills, especially when it comes to his profession. Furthermore, he is an avid car fan and enjoys interacting with the local car community. He also constantly studies markets, investment strategies and retirement solutions, all in hopes of growing as an advisor and giving his clients a better chance to achieve their dreams.

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