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Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall

Senior Registered Private Client Manager



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Meet Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall is a senior registered private client manager with Park City Wealth Advisors. She has more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry and currently holds her Series 6, 7, 63 and 65 registrations.


Throughout her career, she has worked with major investment banks as well as national insurance companies, but her time at Park City Wealth Advisors has shown her where her values lie: with clients.


She has always prioritized people, a deep commitment that has been the driving force of her work since her decision to enter financial services. Now a single mother of her son, Amanda knows how important it is to have not just a financial plan, but the right financial plan. It’s also so much deeper than saving for the future and providing for your family. It’s about creating a trusting relationship and knowing that your advisor will be there when you need them most, looking out for you and your family on a personal level.


More than 30 years in the industry has also allowed Amanda to see clients at every stage of the financial process. She has helped young adults just starting their careers, couples looking to take the next step and expand their families, business owners who want to grow their empires and achieve their greatest professional goals, and retirees who have finally made it to their pinnacle. The greatest satisfaction is always in watching her clients and friends grow, both financially and personally.


Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Amanda grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. She has now returned to Columbus, but she still enjoys traveling to different parts of the country and the world. She also considers her family the most important thing in her life, which is why she takes her job extremely seriously and is always on the hunt for ways to better prepare families for everything yet to come.

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