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Wealth management, tax strategy and legal guidance to secure your financial future.

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"Morgan and her team at Park City Wealth Advisors are absolutely amazing to work with. In all my interactions with Morgan it is evident she possesses an unparalleled depth of knowledge in wealth management. Her strategic insights and ability to craft customized financial solutions for her clients has been game-changing for me. She strives to understand her client's individual goals and circumstances, ensuring that each recommendation is tailor-made to fit their needs."

-Kasey R.

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"We love working with Morgan and her team. It's not just about the exceptional work they do; it's the personal touch Morgan adds that makes all the difference. It's rare to find such passion and commitment in today's business world.

Keep up the amazing work!"

-Ryan B.

Park City Wealth Advisors 5 stars_edited.png

"My family and I have benefited greatly from working with Morgan and her team at Park City Wealth Advisors. From Investment Strategy and Management, to tax & estate Planning, even private real estate investment opportunities, they’ve made a measurable impact in our families long-term outlook and financial longevity. I highly recommend calling them TODAY!"

-Star G.


Grow Your Vision with Park City Wealth Advisors

Park City Wealth Advisors was founded by Morgan Lemaitre to provide a highly-specialized approach in building the foundation of your family legacy.  Designed to reflect your values and the legacy you wish to preserve or create, Park City Wealth Advisors focuses on entrepreneurship, wealth management, estate planning, tax strategies, philanthropy and more; all combined to build financial certainty for the future. 


We optimize communication and collaborative decision making between you and our exclusive team of financial experts. We cultivate the success you have secured to benefit not only your life, but that of generations to come.


Park City Wealth Advisors offers a well-rounded approach to making the most of your wealth. Working with industry leaders, we have everything it takes to help you be good stewards of existing and anticipated wealth. 


Building generational wealth starts here.

​Morgan and her team work with entrepreneurs from myriad industries and backgrounds. Park City Wealth Advisors main areas of focus include families that are looking to use hard-earned capital to create generational wealth that extends the reach of generations to come by providing assets by which they can literally   “stand on your shoulders” to do great things.  

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